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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

She comes from a Japanese family in Magi, in Fukoka Province, in the Island of Kuyushu, Japan. The second in a family of six brothers and sisters, she was born on 16th August 1908. Having received her education in Jotagakukan in Tokyo, she married a Doctor and established the Yoshida Kijii Hospital in Tokyo, where she was the Director.
As a person well versed in Japanese culture and civilization, she considered writing poetry and painting as part of her life. In her old age she displayed a keen interest in preserving the traditional cultures of National interest.
Madam Yoshida first visited Sri Lanka three decades ago and directed her attention to the organization of National Buddhist Education in Buddhist Temples. As a result of her endeavour, the first such Pre-School was established at Abeysekararamaya, Sapugaskanda in 1979. Today there are over 1500 children having their pre-school education in this school.

Madam Yoshida’s concern for Sri Lankan children was expressed by her as “I consider the little boys and girls of Sri Lanka as my own. I have treated them as my own children. My only wish is the happiness of children.”

On the strength of Madam Yoshida’s sincere wish, the Sapugaskanda Yoshida Pre-School has improved over the years. Today it serves also as a Training Institution for teachers. There are 19 other Pre-Schools opened in different parts of Sri Lanka.

In the year 1999 Madam Yoshida, having realized the needs of English Education to Sri Lanka children wished that an English school be opened at Sapugaskanda. This school was opened in the year 2000, and it is now glowing as Yoshida Shokanji International School catering both National and Cambridge Curriculum.

Madam Yoshida was a devoted, pious Buddhist. The practice of Panchaseela (five precepts) and Buddhist philosophy enlightened her life. The first Theravada Buddhist Temple in Japan was established in the year 1984 with the patronage of Madam Yoshida, and today it has developed into a popular Buddhist Temple in Japan.

Some of the other Buddhist and Social service activities where Madam Yoshida had been involved are
• Printing of books on Buddhism for free distribution
• Educating Sri Lanka Bhikkus in the Japanese Language and culture
• Donation of medical equipment and medicine to the Children’s Hospital
• Aid for flood victims

In the year 1991, Madam Takiko Yoshida was awarded the “Sri Lanka Ranjana” National honour by the Government of Sri Lanka. We are now enjoying the fruits of her love, compassion and selfless humanitarian services rendered to the children. May she attain Nibbana!

Lady Takiko Yoshida - 19th Death Anniversary

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